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Oxford Redemption, Soft Cover First Edition


Brad Hamilton is a high school football hero. While clinging to his rising star, a shoulder injury derails his career and crashes his life into heroin addiction. He is now the shadow of the handsome leading quarterback he once was. When his father, Randolph Hamilton, the beloved mayor of Oxford, Mississippi, ends up dead in the driveway of his ancestral mansion, all fingers point to Brad. Only his mother Lorna clings to hope. What ensues is her relentless campaign for justice in one of the South’s most storied college towns. A diabolical plot unfolds, laced with intrigue. Oxford Redemption is a story of murder and suspense—coupled with a message of inspiration and hope. It is an exciting story of love and redemption. Prepare yourself for an incredible ride!

Oxford Redemption

What Readers Are Saying...

“Dan Gibson’s debut novel will draw you in with genuine characters, brilliant pacing, and a profound theme of prayer and forgiveness. Gibson expertly employs his own experience as a mayor to deliver a convincing tale of political intrigue, public corruption, and the scourge of illegal drugs. It is all woven into a unique message of the importance of redemption. Read this book. You will be entertained, and your life will be enriched.”


— Hon. Mary Hawkins Butler, Mayor of Madison, Mississippi

“Oxford Redemption
is a fast-paced mystery that includes a travelogue of one of Mississippi’s most picturesque towns. The inspiring story is a strong reminder that personal redemption comes through one’s surrender to God—and that God is always in control.”


—Hon. Thomas Webb, Commissioner, MS Workers’ Compensation Commission

Helping Authors Develop Their Idea into a Book

At BookPRO Publishing Company in Brandon, Mississippi, it all starts with an idea—your idea. We help you take what's in your heart and write a book about it. We start by engaging our authors in a process of discovery to determine what your idea is. What inspired you to write about a particular subject? And what do you hope to accomplish. Our goal is to assist you in creating, organizing, and completing your book. It has never been easier to publish a book than with our help.

Establishing a Genre

Before proceeding with a project, we first must establish the genre. Is your idea best suited to a novel? Or perhaps you want to write something autobiographical. There are many genres, ranging from mysteries to cookbooks. Our goal is to help you find the right one, because genre will determine the next steps we take. 

Turning Your Idea into a Book

Once a genre is chosen, we begin the step-by-step process that turns your idea into a book. Can you describe your book in a one-sentence summary? If you want to write a novel, do you already have a good ending in mind? What ultimately is going to happen that will make the reader glad to have invested time in reading your book? Who are the characters, and where is your story set?

If your book is to be a devotional, we will help you define your ultimate theme. What is it meant to accomplish? How is it to be organized? Will it be broken down into daily readings, or will it be organized by topics?

If your book is to be a children's story, we might follow the same initial steps as with a novel. If your book is autobiographical, we might help you narrow the timeline and define the experience that you wish to share. 

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Working Title, Outline, & Table of Contents - So You Can Write

Once we get started, it really becomes a step-by-step process. We help you with the initial tasks of book development: establishing a working title, creating an outline, and assembling a table of contents. All of this is meant to help provide the perfect organization for your ultimate task: writing your book. Once you start writing, we assist you with editing, proofing, making sure word counts are appropriate, and meeting deadlines.

Deadlines Are Necessary

We all hate deadlines, but without them, our work never gets done. This is very true when it comes to writing a book. Early in the process, we help you to establish a realistic timeline for writing and completing your book. Everything is done according to pre-set deadlines that you establish and control. With our input and guidance, these deadlines become exciting mile markers along the way—ultimately leading you to an exciting finish. Once the book has been completed, then begins the task of building your mobile book app.

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